But no word, no shape, no photograph could ever twist so far that it could begin to explain even a little bit of how I feel.



It's finally my holidays! (Okay technically, one week ago but yes). I'm just blogging because I feel like I've some thoughts to get off my chest. Although I really won't be blogging anything personal here due to the fear of being judged. Oh and also because I'm waiting for my skin to dry so i can cake my skin with makeup ha ha ha it's pretty dreadful now but it's gonna get BETTER. Positivity!

So many people have asked me, how's life? Well so far, 2012 has been a pretty good year for me. Despite some sadness in between the moments of happiness, there were no regrets. Because every mistake resulted in lessons being learnt.

My 2012 so far:
1) I had a boyfriend and I was nice to him but he ditched me so... ha ha ha
2) I went into a psycho diet because my boyfriend talked about some bodybuiliding diet so I got influenced and now I don't eat rice, grains, legumes, sugar and diary. I don't regret going on my diet because I feel much healthier and alert most of the time, plus my skin is way less oily as compared to the past, like i don't even require oil blotters now but in the past i used like 2 of them in 4 hours?! (That was how bad my skin was in the past) Although I miss normal food sometimes, but i'd really do anything for nice skin again! But lately my skin has been acting crazy, I think it's due to the stress hormones???
3) I've made some pretty good friends that I've known for quite some time, but never felt REALLY REALLY close to them until this year. Well maybe it's cos we talk a lot more often now. Really really grateful for them in my life :') Plus i'm reconnecting with my other old friends.
4) I've met some amazing people that changed my perspectives of life. Even though not all of them stayed, but at least they made an impact on my life, and that i'm grateful for.
5) I got into NPSU subcomm! Even though not much has been going on other than going for outings, I foresee that it will be awesome :') love my subcomm so so so much.

I hope the rest of the 3 months of 2012 will remain this awesome :) I like things remaining constant. I love the way things are right now. And especially the people in my life, please stay, don't go!