But no word, no shape, no photograph could ever twist so far that it could begin to explain even a little bit of how I feel.


Damn stressed + worried > Not about exams.


K uh, now quite stressed and worried and -_-!! so i'm gonna blog! I mean its like totally wtf k, sigh, :\ Im sucha damn failure! Why this thing cannot work. Why can't i pass amath :\ Okay im totally crapping about the amath thing but whatever. Just an analogy. Today woke up and studied bio, then revised math, and metup w Evilhoneybaby cause she came t collect things, then have h2h talk and just walk around. tried the new jubeat. like omgwtf, my old account gone! need to remake account, z. K, its like the first time we really talk so much luh, first time meet is just awhile :\ I still owe her present and so does she. And ohyeah my maple account got hacked, just found out today, knn, everyth valuable which is alot = GONE! Argh wtf, waste all my $ and efforts. So I remade character :\ Idk why also, quite bored nowadays. Must abstain from maple. Sucha lame game, why am i wasting time and money on it. And somemore only meet lots of weirdos only! Also played plants vs zombies, until stage 3-6, not bad (: Z, J didn't bother replying me today, supposed to play tgther yestd then never also :\ I think I shall spend sunday doing emath and revise more bio + amath (: & Studying phys w S. aft schl, so that can wait (: 5 papers more t go! Darn, means th halloween thing coming :\ I look like ugly 2themax I cut my hair AGAIN. Don't wna go! No reason to go other than t pei friends :\ And meetups. Idw go there to _______ :\ . Like seriously don't want !! Quite worried about that. Then worried about something else also :O . Worried worried worried worried worried don't wna see some people! Kbye,