But no word, no shape, no photograph could ever twist so far that it could begin to explain even a little bit of how I feel.


The lights.

Day 5: A time when you thought of ending your own life. A lot of times :\ there was this time, I thought of ending it cause of my family :\ But @ that time i couldn't, cause I knew if I died then certain people would be sad and maybe cry themselves to death so I told myself I couldn't just suicide. And then there was another time, :\ I felt so broken and depressed and didn't see the point in living any longer. Actually now I still don't see the point in living. I don't have anyone to live for. Not my parents, I think that if i die then they will have one less burden. And not for me, :\ and uh well, no one really actually cares? I think if i die everyone would be like either 'Oh yay!' or 'Oh she died.. aww thats sad.' and that's pretty much it? My life seems pretty sad now, :\ If one day I cross my limits, I'll go overdose myself k? (:

Okay so i'm at this place now. Surrounded w people. And using wireless@sg :\ Its noisy , and .. sigh I don't wanna be here . but no choice uh , I overslept :\ Pretty boring day today .

So why bother starting a convo w me when you don't intend to even reply?