But no word, no shape, no photograph could ever twist so far that it could begin to explain even a little bit of how I feel.



i'm not looking forward to my birthday i'm afraid of that feeling of no one celebrating it w me at first i was happy because i wanted to celebrate it w my bf but i got ditched 5 months ago oh well heres a wishlist for my birthday if anyone comes across this, you will at least have some idea of what to get me: 1. a ukulele i wanna strum it all day and sing love songs ha ha ha 2. fruits blueberries and cranberries and kiwis. at least they are edible 3. a food processor for my cooking needs 4. a blender not sure if ive an extra in my storage room though 5. surround sound system w good bass effect 6. an awesome day out on my birthday :) w my close friends! 7. almost forgot about this but i need a new cell mine has a out of whack keyboard right now and i cant text lol 8. new pair of skates or a pennyboard thatd be cool its strange how everyone that said they would buy me expensive presents dont even talk to me now anyway sigh life goes on though